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Model: IC-761
  * Air Temperature and Skin Temperature SERVO-CONTROLLED by MICRO-CONTROLLER.
  * Bright Seven-Segment Displays for both SENSOR TEMPERATURE & CONTROL TEMPERATURE.
  * 5 different types of ALARMS. (Audible & Bright LED Indication)
  * Heater power STATUS BAR. (25%, 50%, 75% & 100%)
  * AIR Sensor, placed in Hood for best possible "hood environment" temperature measurement. Also SKIN Sensor for infant Skin temperature measurement.
  * 4 Doors, 2 IRIS Ports with 2 access ports.
  * Adjustable baby tray mattress.
  * Guardrail I.V Pole, Air filter, Front brake casters, hood trolly stand.
  * Low noise and Quiet operation.
  * 2 Level Safety:
One software & one hardware type safety mechanisms to cutoff Heater supply. If temperature rises to harmful ranges disabling SAFETY RELAY cutoffs Heater supply.
  * 3rd Safety:
Thermal Switch, separate device which cutoff heater supply when hood temperature 43 C & all other safety mechanism fails.

* Watchdog timer:
If micro-controller system fails to respond or ADC(Analog to Digital Converter) fails, system will restart.

Note:- Specification Subject to Change Without Prior Notice.

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